Re: [PATCH 01/11] ahci: Get rid of host->iomap usage

From: Jeff Garzik
Date: Wed Mar 03 2010 - 13:49:21 EST

On 03/03/2010 01:45 PM, Jeff Garzik wrote:
On 03/03/2010 12:17 PM, Anton Vorontsov wrote:
Currently the driver uses host->iomap to store all the iomapped BARs
of a PCI device (while AHCI devices actually use just a single memory

We're going to teach AHCI to work with non-PCI buses, so there are two
options to make this work:

1. "fake" host->iomap array for non-PCI devices, and place the needed
address at iomap[AHCI_PCI_BAR];
2. Get rid of host->iomap usage, instead introduce a private mmio

This patch implements the second option.

Signed-off-by: Anton Vorontsov<avorontsov@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
drivers/ata/ahci.c | 34 ++++++++++++++++++++--------------
1 files changed, 20 insertions(+), 14 deletions(-)

Does platform code not contain any devres support?

At a minimum, you should be using devm_ioremap(), yes?

Nevermind, I see this now in the platform driver.

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