Re: [PATCH] msdos: add support for large disks

From: H. Peter Anvin
Date: Wed Mar 03 2010 - 18:05:31 EST

On 03/03/2010 02:50 PM, Daniel Taylor wrote:
> The drives report physical/logical sector sizes of 4096 bytes, which the
> kernel correctly detects. 32-bit fields in the MBR are then sufficient for
> storage capacites >2TiB (up to 16 TiB), and the storage in struct
> parsed_partitions is already sector_t.

It's probably worth noting that such media:

a) will not work with anything that is based on disk images;
b) will not be bootable on most existing systems.

Both of these are going to be issues for people in real-life use (and
yes, people boot from USB disks -- trust me, when it doesn't work they
send the bug reports to *me* rather than to the hw/bios vendors.) Of
course, so is XP compatibility.

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