Re: 2.6.33: ftrace triggers soft lockup

From: Steven Rostedt
Date: Wed Mar 03 2010 - 22:18:41 EST

On Thu, 2010-03-04 at 11:01 +0800, Américo Wang wrote:

> >
> > So it is stuck in stop machine. I wonder where exactly. I see some do_exit
> > at the top but I wonder how much they are reliable.
> Well, I think 'kstop' is just random, sometimes I got 'watchdog' or some other
> process.
> >
> > Anyway, as Steve said, we really need a full config to reproduce it.
> >
> Done in another reply.


Frederic, I notice that lockdep is on, did anything change that might
slow down the code in lockdep, or is the function graph tracer doing
more locking?

I'm betting that we are hitting a live lock. That is, an interrupt goes
off, it is being traced, and the function graph is tracing it, but some
locking is happening (although it also tracks disabling of interrupts)
and this slows the interrupt handler down enough that when it finishes,
another interrupt goes off.


Could you disable LOCKDEP and see if you still encounter this lockup?


-- Steve

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