Re: yaffs2 NAND fs

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Thu Mar 04 2010 - 08:43:34 EST

On Thursday 04 March 2010, Wookey wrote:
> So, I guess this is another kick. I'll update the mainline patch I
> have (which is essentially just YAFFS2 with all the "#ifdef kernel
> nnn" code taken out, and the YAFFS-direct and ecos and WinCE code
> removed, to current kernel (which also means updating balloon3 to current
> kernel so I can actually test it). I'll put that in git and ask people
> to take a look. Detailed suggestions on what extra info is needed or
> changes made would be very helpful.
> Unless of course there is already concensus that this is a waste of
> time and Peter and I are the only people that want to see it in
> mainline?

The bar for getting stuff into the kernel has gotten a lot lower these
days, at least for the staging part, see

The basic requirement would be that you can get a patch that adds
a populated drivers/staging/yaffs2 directory actually builds, ideally
even mounts existing file sytem images without crashing every time ;-)

>From there, you can do all the cleanups that are necessary to
get it moved to fs/yaffs2, including the stuff you mention above
and whatever else comes up (put it into drivers/staging/yaffs2/TODO).

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