Re: USB mass storage and ARM cache coherency

From: Andreas Mohr
Date: Thu Mar 04 2010 - 17:27:16 EST

> Here is a program which Lothar sent me some time ago (the timestamp on
> the .c is June 2004 - I can't find the original email though.) I've
> just checked with Lothar, who has given me permission to reproduce it.
> I can't guarantee that this program still shows a problem - since I
> believe I've never been able to reproduce it myself. It might be worth
> checking how other architectures behave.

Tried this on my BCM4710 MIPSEL OpenWrt/Debian (problematic
cache-suspected history due to possibly related USB-audio lockups),
/dev/sda3 ext2 on an USB stick, no errors here, even when increasing tenfold
to 2560 and adding a sleep(2) in between.

Will investigate these things for real sometime later.

Andreas Mohr

P.S.: KARO (Lothar...) makes very nice boards :-)
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