RE: [patch 2/2] x86: Manage ENERGY_PERF_BIAS based on cpufreqgovernor - v2

From: Pallipadi, Venkatesh
Date: Thu Mar 04 2010 - 18:34:19 EST

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>To: Pallipadi, Venkatesh
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>Venkatesh Pallipadi
>Subject: Re: [patch 2/2] x86: Manage ENERGY_PERF_BIAS based on
>cpufreq governor - v2
>On Thu, Mar 04, 2010 at 03:14:56PM -0800, Venki Pallipadi wrote:
> > + if (!strncmp(gov->name, "performance", strlen("performance")))
> > + epb_val = ENERGY_PERF_BIAS_PERF;
> > + else if (!strncmp(gov->name, "powersave", strlen("powersave")))
> > + epb_val = ENERGY_PERF_BIAS_POWER;
> > + else
> > +
> > + set_epb_on_cpu(epb_val, cpu);
> > + return 0;
>hardcoding a list of cpufreq governors is kinda icky, but I don't have
>a better solution. We'll just have to be mindful of it if we ever
>get around to finally making performance/powersave personalities
>of ondemand as was discussed years ago.

Yes. In that case we will have to find some other way to tie this to
user preference.

>What if the governor is set to 'userspace' ?
>powernowd/cpufreqd are sort of ondemand-done-in-userspace, but there
>may also be other userspace governors we don't know about.
>I suppose it's not catastrophic..

Userspace/ondemand/conservative can all be at middle ground here as
they are mostly used where user expects adaptive kind of behaviour.

I did think about exporting this as a new tunable in /sys and let
userspace deal with it. But, that doesn't help with having sane default
values and users (background apps) may shoot themselves in the foot
with it.

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