[GIT PULL] Ceph distributed file system client for 2.6.34-rc1

From: Sage Weil
Date: Fri Mar 05 2010 - 18:32:30 EST

Hi Linus,

Please consider pulling the Ceph distributed file system client from

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/sage/ceph-client.git for-linus

which includes a patch with the recent write_inode API change, but does
not merge Al's write_inode branch, as that currently conflicts with your
tree in a few places. (OTOH, my branch has a trivial conflict in

Red Hat has bugs open asking for Ceph, and has included the userspace in
F13, but they are antsy about pulling in the kernel client before it goes
upstream. Another half dozen people have piped up on LKML or the ceph
list asking to see it pushed upstream.

A larger number of people are evaluating and testing the system. A few
sites have reasonably sized clusters set up (>16 nodes), the rest have
tried the system on a small number of nodes. At this point you still
won't find a particularly large user base, or as much demand as say btrfs
simply because Ceph is useful for a much smaller audience--those with lots
of storage boxes they'd like to aggregate into a single file system--and
because those people tend to be pretty careful with their data.

Although stability has improved greatly is the last few months, Ceph is
still relatively new and experimental for a something as conservative as
storage, and only time and testing will change that. Getting the code
upstream sooner rather than later will accelerate that process by reducing
barriers to testing, expanding the pool of systems with a usable client,
and making it easier for distros to include it.


Alexander Beregalov (1):
ceph: move dereference after NULL test

Julia Lawall (3):
fs/ceph: introduce missing kfree
fs/ceph: Move a dereference below a NULL test
ceph: remove duplicate variable initialization

Noah Watkins (3):
ceph: replace list_entry with container_of
ceph: remove redundant use of le32_to_cpu
ceph: fix intra strip unit length calculation

Sage Weil (173):
ceph: documentation
ceph: on-wire types
ceph: client types
ceph: ref counted buffer
ceph: super.c
ceph: inode operations
ceph: directory operations
ceph: file operations
ceph: address space operations
ceph: MDS client
ceph: OSD client
ceph: CRUSH mapping algorithm
ceph: monitor client
ceph: capability management
ceph: snapshot management
ceph: messenger library
ceph: message pools
ceph: nfs re-export support
ceph: ioctls
ceph: debugfs
ceph: Kconfig, Makefile
ceph: document shared files in README
ceph: show meaningful version on module load
ceph: include preferred_osd in file layout virtual xattr
ceph: gracefully avoid empty crush buckets
ceph: fix mdsmap decoding when multiple mds's are present
ceph: renew mon subscription before it expires
ceph: fix osd request submission race
ceph: revoke osd request message on request completion
ceph: fail gracefully on corrupt osdmap (bad pg_temp mapping)
ceph: reset osd session on fault, not peer_reset
ceph: cancel osd requests before resending them
ceph: update to mon client protocol v15
ceph: add file layout validation
ceph: ignore trailing data in monamp
ceph: remove unused CEPH_MSG_{OSD,MDS}_GETMAP
ceph: add version field to message header
ceph: convert encode/decode macros to inlines
ceph: initialize sb->s_bdi, bdi_unregister after kill_anon_super
ceph: move generic flushing code into helper
ceph: flush dirty caps via the cap_dirty list
ceph: correct subscribe_ack msgpool payload size
ceph: warn on allocation from msgpool with larger front_len
ceph: move dirty caps code around
ceph: enable readahead
ceph: include preferred osd in placement seed
ceph: v0.17 of client
ceph: move directory size logic to ceph_getattr
ceph: remove small mon addr limit; use CEPH_MAX_MON where appropriate
ceph: reduce parse_mount_args stack usage
ceph: silence uninitialized variable warning
ceph: fix, clean up string mount arg parsing
ceph: allocate and parse mount args before client instance
ceph: correct comment to match striping calculation
ceph: fix object striping calculation for non-default striping schemes
ceph: fix uninitialized err variable
crush: always return a value from crush_bucket_choose
ceph: init/destroy bdi in client create/destroy helpers
ceph: use fixed endian encoding for ceph_entity_addr
ceph: fix endian conversions for ceph_pg
ceph: fix sparse endian warning
ceph: convert port endianness
ceph: clean up 'osd%d down' console msg
ceph: make CRUSH hash functions non-inline
ceph: use strong hash function for mapping objects to pgs
ceph: make object hash a pg_pool property
ceph: make CRUSH hash function a bucket property
ceph: do not confuse stale and dead (unreconnected) caps
ceph: separate banner and connect during handshake into distinct stages
ceph: remove recon_gen logic
ceph: exclude snapdir from readdir results
ceph: initialize i_size/i_rbytes on snapdir
ceph: pr_info when mds reconnect completes
ceph: build cleanly without CONFIG_DEBUG_FS
ceph: fix page invalidation deadlock
ceph: remove bad calls to ceph_con_shutdown
ceph: remove unnecessary ceph_con_shutdown
ceph: handle errors during osd client init
ceph: negotiate authentication protocol; implement AUTH_NONE protocol
ceph: move mempool creation to ceph_create_client
ceph: small cleanup in hash function
ceph: fix debugfs entry, simplify fsid checks
ceph: decode updated mdsmap format
ceph: reset requested max_size after mds reconnect
ceph: reset msgr backoff during open, not after successful handshake
ceph: remove dead code
ceph: remove useless IS_ERR checks
ceph: plug leak of request_mutex
ceph: whitespace cleanup
ceph: hide /.ceph from readdir results
ceph: allow preferred osd to be get/set via layout ioctl
ceph: update MAINTAINERS entry with correct git URL
ceph: mark v0.18 release
ceph: use kref for ceph_buffer
ceph: simplify ceph_buffer interface
ceph: use kref for struct ceph_mds_request
ceph: use kref for ceph_osd_request
ceph: use kref for ceph_msg
ceph: do not feed bad device ids to crush
ceph: fix leak of monc mutex
ceph: carry explicit msg reference for currently sending message
ceph: plug msg leak in con_fault
ceph: detect lossy state of connection
ceph: don't save sent messages on lossy connections
ceph: hex dump corrupt server data to KERN_DEBUG
ceph: plug leak of incoming message during connection fault/close
ceph: make mds ops interruptible
ceph: include link to bdi in debugfs
ceph: ensure rename target dentry fails revalidation
ceph: do not drop lease during revalidate
ceph: fix error paths for corrupt osdmap messages
ceph: fix incremental osdmap pg_temp decoding bug
ceph: do not touch_caps while iterating over caps list
ceph: only unregister registered bdi
ceph: unregister canceled/timed out osd requests
ceph: use connection mutex to protect read and write stages
ceph: control access to page vector for incoming data
ceph: more informative msgpool errors
ceph: include transaction id in ceph_msg_header (protocol change)
ceph: add feature bits to connection handshake (protocol change)
ceph: support ceph_pagelist for message payload
ceph: use ceph_pagelist for mds reconnect message; change encoding (protocol change)
ceph: remove unused erank field
ceph: display pgid in debugfs osd request dump
ceph: mark MDS CREATE as a write op
ceph: properly handle aborted mds requests
ceph: precede encoded ceph_pg_pool struct with version
ceph: include type in ceph_entity_addr, filepath
ceph: release all pages after successful osd write response
ceph: buffer decoding helpers
ceph: aes crypto and base64 encode/decode helpers
ceph: allow renewal of auth credentials
ceph: add struct version to auth encoding
ceph: add support for auth_x authentication protocol
ceph: add uid field to ceph_pg_pool
ceph: cap revocation fixes
ceph: do not retain caps that are being revoked
ceph: fix sync read eof check deadlock
ceph: cleanup async writeback, truncation, invalidate helpers
ceph: invalidate pages even if truncate is pending
ceph: remove bogus invalidate_mapping_pages
ceph: fix msgr to keep sent messages until acked
ceph: reset osd connections after fault
ceph: allow connection to be reopened by fault callback
ceph: cancel delayed work when closing connection
ceph: use rbtree for mds requests
ceph: use rbtree for snap_realms
ceph: use rbtree for mon statfs requests
ceph: fix authentication races, auth_none oops
ceph: clean up readdir caps reservation
ceph: fix iterate_caps removal race
ceph: fix memory leak when destroying osdmap with pg_temp mappings
ceph: use rbtree for pg pools; decode new osdmap format
ceph: v0.19 release
ceph: fix typo in ceph_queue_writeback debug output
ceph: fix check for invalidate_mapping_pages success
ceph: fix up unexpected message handling
ceph: fix comments, locking in destroy_inode
ceph: drop messages on unregistered mds sessions; cleanup
ceph: fix client_request_forward decoding
ceph: invalidate_authorizer without con->mutex held
ceph: fix connection fault STANDBY check
ceph: remove fragile __map_osds optimization
ceph: remove bogus mds forward warning
ceph: reset bits on connection close
ceph: use single osd op reply msg
ceph: fix snaptrace decoding on cap migration between mds
ceph: reset front len on return to msgpool; BUG on mismatched front iov
ceph: set osd request message front length correctly
ceph: return EBADF if waiting for caps on closed file
ceph: fix osdmap decoding when pools include (removed) snaps
ceph: include migrating caps in issued set
ceph: fix flush_dirty_caps race with caps migration

Yehuda Sadeh (24):
ceph: mount fails immediately on error
ceph: fix msgpool reservation leak
ceph: remove unaccessible code
ceph: writepage grabs and releases inode
ceph: writeback congestion control
ceph: fix copy_user_to_page_vector()
ceph: change dentry offset and position after splice_dentry
ceph: allocate middle of message before stating to read
ceph: refactor messages data section allocation
ceph: alloc message data pages and check if tid exists
ceph: keep reserved replies on the request structure
ceph: remove unreachable code
ceph: always send truncation info with read and write osd ops
ceph: remove unused variable
ceph: put unused osd connections on lru
ceph: fix short synchronous reads
ceph: refactor ceph_write_begin, fix ceph_page_mkwrite
ceph: fix truncation when not holding caps
ceph: sync read/write considers page cache
ceph: remove page upon writeback completion if lost cache cap
ceph: don't truncate dirty pages in invalidate work thread
ceph: cleanup redundant code in handle_cap_grant
ceph: don't clobber write return value when using O_SYNC
ceph: reset osd after relevant messages timed out

Documentation/filesystems/ceph.txt | 139 ++
Documentation/ioctl/ioctl-number.txt | 1 +
fs/Kconfig | 1 +
fs/Makefile | 1 +
fs/ceph/Kconfig | 27 +
fs/ceph/Makefile | 39 +
fs/ceph/README | 20 +
fs/ceph/addr.c | 1188 +++++++++++++
fs/ceph/armor.c | 99 ++
fs/ceph/auth.c | 257 +++
fs/ceph/auth.h | 84 +
fs/ceph/auth_none.c | 121 ++
fs/ceph/auth_none.h | 28 +
fs/ceph/auth_x.c | 656 ++++++++
fs/ceph/auth_x.h | 49 +
fs/ceph/auth_x_protocol.h | 90 +
fs/ceph/buffer.c | 78 +
fs/ceph/buffer.h | 39 +
fs/ceph/caps.c | 2925 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
fs/ceph/ceph_debug.h | 37 +
fs/ceph/ceph_frag.c | 21 +
fs/ceph/ceph_frag.h | 109 ++
fs/ceph/ceph_fs.c | 74 +
fs/ceph/ceph_fs.h | 650 ++++++++
fs/ceph/ceph_hash.c | 118 ++
fs/ceph/ceph_hash.h | 13 +
fs/ceph/ceph_strings.c | 176 ++
fs/ceph/crush/crush.c | 151 ++
fs/ceph/crush/crush.h | 180 ++
fs/ceph/crush/hash.c | 149 ++
fs/ceph/crush/hash.h | 17 +
fs/ceph/crush/mapper.c | 596 +++++++
fs/ceph/crush/mapper.h | 20 +
fs/ceph/crypto.c | 408 +++++
fs/ceph/crypto.h | 48 +
fs/ceph/debugfs.c | 483 ++++++
fs/ceph/decode.h | 194 +++
fs/ceph/dir.c | 1220 ++++++++++++++
fs/ceph/export.c | 223 +++
fs/ceph/file.c | 937 +++++++++++
fs/ceph/inode.c | 1750 ++++++++++++++++++++
fs/ceph/ioctl.c | 160 ++
fs/ceph/ioctl.h | 40 +
fs/ceph/mds_client.c | 3021 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
fs/ceph/mds_client.h | 335 ++++
fs/ceph/mdsmap.c | 174 ++
fs/ceph/mdsmap.h | 54 +
fs/ceph/messenger.c | 2240 +++++++++++++++++++++++++
fs/ceph/messenger.h | 254 +++
fs/ceph/mon_client.c | 834 ++++++++++
fs/ceph/mon_client.h | 119 ++
fs/ceph/msgpool.c | 186 +++
fs/ceph/msgpool.h | 27 +
fs/ceph/msgr.h | 158 ++
fs/ceph/osd_client.c | 1537 +++++++++++++++++
fs/ceph/osd_client.h | 166 ++
fs/ceph/osdmap.c | 1019 ++++++++++++
fs/ceph/osdmap.h | 125 ++
fs/ceph/pagelist.c | 54 +
fs/ceph/pagelist.h | 54 +
fs/ceph/rados.h | 374 +++++
fs/ceph/snap.c | 904 ++++++++++
fs/ceph/super.c | 1030 ++++++++++++
fs/ceph/super.h | 900 ++++++++++
fs/ceph/types.h | 29 +
fs/ceph/xattr.c | 844 ++++++++++
67 files changed, 28063 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
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