Re: [PATCH] Route kbd leds through the generic leds layer (3rd version)

From: Samuel Thibault
Date: Sat Mar 06 2010 - 07:54:45 EST

Pavel Machek, le Sat 06 Mar 2010 07:54:57 +0100, a écrit :
> > That being said, usermode tools which want to set up the modifiers and
> > connect the input LEDs to them need an easy and proper way to do so.
> > Having central input::numlock and such still seems a good thing.
> This is something where I'm not too sure. Opening few files in
> sequence is not that hard to the userland so "group of leds"
> abstraction does not make too much sense...

But then userland has to monitor keyboard hotplug. At the moment,
neither kbd nor console-setup use a daemon to handle keyboards, and I
doubt their authors will be happy to have to.

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