Re: USB mass storage and ARM cache coherency

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Sun Mar 07 2010 - 03:23:40 EST


> > Seems like ARM has requirement other architectures do not, that is
> > a) not documented anywhere
> > b) causes problems
> Well, ARM is pretty similar to other architectures in this respect. And
> I'm sure other architectures have similar problems, only that they only
> become visible in some circumstances they may not have encountered (i.e.
> PIO drivers + filesystem that doesn't call flush_dcache_page like ext*).
> Some other architectures may do heavier flushing
> Of course, a Documentation/arm/cachetlb.txt file would make sense.

Actually, short/simple documentation for driver authors would be even
better. Then you can claim it is bug in driver :-).
(cesky, pictures)
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