Perf doesn't accept i915:i915_gem_request_wait_begin as anevent

From: Fabian Korak
Date: Sun Mar 07 2010 - 09:30:15 EST


I'm currently trying to get the examples at to run, however when I try

perf record -f -g -e i915:i915_gem_request_wait_begin -c 1 openarena

I get the message "invalid or unsupported event: 'i915:i915_gem_request_wait_begin' ". It also isn't listed within perf list.
I'm currently on an up-to-date Fedora Core 14 rawhide with kernel 2.6.34-0.4.rc0.git2. Intel_gpu_tools and libdwarf is installed.
I talked to a few guys on #xorg-devel yesterday and they told me to install kernel-debuginfo, which didn't change anything.
They also told me to run

nm /lib/modules/2.6.34-0.4.rc0.git2.fc14.x86_64/kernel/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915.ko | grep i915_gem

the output of that can be found here:

Any help would be appreciated.

thx Fabian Korak
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