Re: KVM usability

From: Luca Barbieri
Date: Sun Mar 07 2010 - 10:15:19 EST

> perf really is wonderful, but to be really competitive, and usable to more
> developers, it needs to be in a graphical environment.  I want 'perf report'
> output to start out collapsed and drill down by clicking on a tree widget.
>  Clicking on a function name opens its definition.  'perf annotate' should
> display annotations on my editor window, not in a pager.  I should be able
> to check events on a list, not using 'perf list'.
> Is something like that suitable for tools/perf/?  I think you'll find the
> intersection of kernel developers and GUI developers to be fairly small.

The latest versions of Gnome Sysprof use perf and provide a GTK+ tree
interface for the profiling output.

However, they are not configurable at all and don't support anything
but call graph profiling, unless they added more features very
It would be nice to extend sysprof into a more capable tool, and one
that can read perf output files and do so when launched from the
command line.
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