Re: Perf doesn't accept i915:i915_gem_request_wait_begin as an event

From: Corey Ashford
Date: Sun Mar 07 2010 - 17:52:22 EST

On 03/07/2010 11:04 AM, Arjan van de Ven wrote:
On Sun, 07 Mar 2010 11:01:39 -0800
Corey Ashford<cjashfor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I find the example given on that web page quite confusing because
perf currently doesn't have support for arch-dependent events like
that, except via "raw code" events which use the syntax -e
r<hex_code>. I wonder if they locally modified perf to handle those
events, and then forgot that they had made that modification before
posting up those instructions.

these are just standard trace points...

Ah, I see. Thanks for the correction.

- Corey
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