Re: [RFC 0/9] BKL conversion in TTY drivers

From: Alan Cox
Date: Thu Apr 01 2010 - 10:15:17 EST

> Greg, are you ok with merging these TTY patches in your tree for 2.6.35
> then? There will be at least one more respin of it for minor changes
> and anything that comes up during testing, but it's essentially what I
> posted here.

Can we please wait a bit with the tty bits. I'm slowing picking through
the job properly and there are a lot of low hanging fruit to clean up at
the driver end of things that is best done before we complicate the core

I'll try and get some patches posted ASAP for those but for example most
of the BKL use in the drivers/char tty drivers is now done, and those
remaining are almost all in code that we should simply drop as its been
marked broken/obsolete anyway.

Arnd there is another problem I noticed in your changes - the ppp stuff
is not tty locking, its some kind of driver/network locking and I don't
claim to understand what is going on.

Another one that wants attention from someone brave is selection.c - that
isn't tty locking dependant either but relies on the callers happening
(mostly but not always!) to call it with the BKL held.

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