Re: [RFC 0/9] BKL conversion in TTY drivers

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Thu Apr 01 2010 - 15:10:28 EST

On Thursday 01 April 2010, Alan Cox wrote:
> > Greg, are you ok with merging these TTY patches in your tree for 2.6.35
> > then? There will be at least one more respin of it for minor changes
> > and anything that comes up during testing, but it's essentially what I
> > posted here.
> Can we please wait a bit with the tty bits. I'm slowing picking through
> the job properly and there are a lot of low hanging fruit to clean up at
> the driver end of things that is best done before we complicate the core
> stuff.

Ok, sure thing. I tried to make the patches in a way that is helpful to your
goals, not hurting, but anything you are already working on should go in
first because it's more important in the long run.

> Arnd there is another problem I noticed in your changes - the ppp stuff
> is not tty locking, its some kind of driver/network locking and I don't
> claim to understand what is going on.

Ok. This was just me being conservative and assuming that it interacts
with TTY in ways I don't understand. The network layer does not use the
BKL at all, except for a few protocols (appletalk, ipx, ...), so I'm fairly
certain the ppp locking does not interact with that. I'll have a closer look
to see if there's any chance it could lock against TTY code at all and
do a patch to use a private lock if not.

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