Re: [linux-pm] what the patches do Re: [RFC 10/15] PM / Hibernate:user, implement user_ops reader

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Fri Apr 02 2010 - 02:37:10 EST


>>>> So what's your long term plan then?
>>> First, improve the in-kernel thing, second, switch people to it, _then_ remove
>>> the s2disk interface (after we're reasonably sure it's not used by any major
>>> distro) and _finally_ simplify things after it's been removed.
>> I'd really prefer to keep s2disk interface. It allows advanced stuff
>> like internet suspend resume (yep someone is doing it), crazy stuff
>> like multiple resumes from same image for fast booting (yep, some
>> embedded people are doing that) and might-be-useful stuff like
>> s2both...
> Neither of those are impossible with in-kernel code, so I'd argue that
> there's no need to keep the s2disk interface long-term. Userspace

I disagree.

> helpers might be necessary for the first one (to manage the network
> interface), but I already have multiple-resumes-from-the-same-image
> support in TuxOnice (and more 'crazy stuff' like support for resuming a
> different image after writing one - that can be used to switch to an
> initramfs containing the binaries needed to power down a UPS).

The fact that it can be done in kernel -- anything can -- but whether
it should. I'd very much like to keep the 'crazy stuff' in userspace.

(cesky, pictures)
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