[PATCH 0/7] mm: preemptibility

From: Peter Zijlstra
Date: Fri Apr 02 2010 - 10:28:28 EST


This (incomplete) patch-set makes part of the mm a lot more preemptible.
It converts i_mmap_lock and anon_vma->lock to mutexes.
On the way there it also makes mmu_gather preemptible.

The main motivation was making mm_take_all_locks() preemptible, since
it appears people are nesting hundreds of spinlocks there.

The side-effects are that we can finally make mmu_gather preemptible,
something which lots of people have wanted to do for a long time.

It also gets us anon_vma refcounting which seems to be wanted by
KSM as well as Mel's compaction work.

This patch set seems to build and boot on my x86_64 machine and even
builds a kernel. I'll work on getting PPC working again and audit other
architectures their mmu_gather implementation.

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