regulator: regulator_get behaviour without CONFIG_REGULATOR set

From: Jerome Oufella
Date: Fri Apr 02 2010 - 11:48:04 EST


Working on drivers/hwmon/sht15.c, I noticed it would return bogus temperatures in my case, where CONFIG_REGULATOR is not set.

This is due to the following section in drivers/hwmon/sht15.c:

/* If a regulator is available, query what the supply voltage actually is!*/
data->reg = regulator_get(data->dev, "vcc");
if (!IS_ERR(data->reg)) {

Looking at consumer.h, it appears that regulator_get() returns a pointer to its second argument when CONFIG_REGULATOR is not set.

What would be the proper way to determine if the returned value is a valid regulator ?
Would it be safe to check it against the 2nd argument ?

Jerome Oufella
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