Re: BUG: null pointer deref in dmar_ir_support

From: Suresh Siddha
Date: Fri Apr 02 2010 - 13:23:15 EST

On Thu, 2010-04-01 at 13:04 -0700, Suresh Siddha wrote:
> On Thu, 2010-04-01 at 11:20 -0700, Jan.Grossmann@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > The patch seems to work,
> > but now my kernel won't find any IDE, SATA or USB drives anymore and
> > then i end up with
> >
> > Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on
> > unknown-block(0,0)
> hmm.. This sounds like a modules issue. Jan you were using modules in
> your kernel config. You have initrd etc setup properly?

Jan responded to me in private that this was indeed an initrd issue and
this patch is working fine to him.

Thomas/Peter/Ingo: please consider this patch for urgent tree.


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