Re: unhelpful and somewhat scary r8169 boot message in regarding a security fix

From: Nix
Date: Fri Apr 02 2010 - 18:04:19 EST

On 2 Apr 2010, David Miller verbalised:

>> but it does not explain *why* changing the MTU is suddenly so bad,
>> when it's worked forever before now without flaw, with no sign of
>> any sort of corruption. Why should we be confined to non-jumbo
>> frames? What are the effects if we do change MTU?
> Have a look at CVE-2009-4537
> It's a remotely exploitable memory corruptor and potential
> root hole.

That's what I thought, *if* the attackers can inject crafted Ethernet
frames onto your local network. (i.e., they need a crafted Ethernet
frame, not just crafted packet contents.)
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