Re: [PATCH] devmem: Handle class_create() failure

From: Anton Blanchard
Date: Fri Apr 02 2010 - 22:06:19 EST

Hi Greg,

> Is this something that we need for .34? How were you getting this to
> fail in the first place?

I hit this when we broke the IDR allocator for a few days. The bug got
introduced in commit 859ddf09743a8cc680af33f7259ccd0fd36bfe9d (idr: fix a
critical misallocation bug), and was backed out a few days later in commit
6f14a668f1a8b715a6e855f4e32705e54a6e86a1 (idr: revert misallocation bug fix).

The sysfs inode allocator which uses IDR was getting back a bogus ENOSPC
return code. I think the chances of seeing this fail otherwise would be pretty
remote, you'd have to use up 2^31 sysfs inodes before hitting the real IDR

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