Re: [PATCH] IPVS: replace sprintf to snprintf to avoid stackbuffer overflow

From: Simon Horman
Date: Mon Apr 05 2010 - 23:23:04 EST

On Tue, Apr 06, 2010 at 10:50:20AM +0800, wzt.wzt@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> IPVS not check the length of pp->name, use sprintf will cause stack buffer overflow.
> struct ip_vs_protocol{} declare name as char *, if register a protocol as:
> struct ip_vs_protocol ip_vs_test = {
> .name = "",
> .debug_packet = ip_vs_tcpudp_debug_packet,
> };
> when called ip_vs_tcpudp_debug_packet(), sprintf(buf, "%s TRUNCATED", pp->name);
> will cause stack buffer overflow.
> Signed-off-by: Zhitong Wang <zhitong.wangzt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I think that the simple answer is, don't do that.
But your patch seems entirely reasonable to me.

Acked-by: Simon Horman <horms@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Patrick, please consider merging this.

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