RE: [PATCH 1/3] A device for zero-copy based on KVM virtio-net.

From: Xin, Xiaohui
Date: Tue Apr 06 2010 - 01:42:25 EST

>>For the DOS issue, I'm not sure how much the limit get_user_pages()
>> can pin is reasonable, should we compute the bindwidth to make it?

>There's a ulimit for locked memory. Can we use this, decreasing
>the value for rlimit array? We can do this when backend is
>enabled and re-increment when backend is disabled.

I have tried it with rlim[RLIMIT_MEMLOCK].rlim_cur, but I found
the initial value for it is 0x10000, after right shift PAGE_SHIFT,
it's only 16 pages we can lock then, it seems too small, since the
guest virito-net driver may submit a lot requests one time.


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