Re: An incorrect assumption over radix_tree_tag_get()

From: David Howells
Date: Tue Apr 06 2010 - 15:16:34 EST

David Howells <dhowells@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Nick Piggin <npiggin@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> > It is safe. Synchronization requirements for using the radix tree API
> > are documented.
> I presume you mean the big comment on it in radix-tree.h.
> According to that, it is not safe:
> * - any function _modifying_ the tree or tags (inserting or deleting
> * items, setting or clearing tags) must exclude other modifications, and
> * exclude any functions reading the tree.

Having said that, the next few lines, say that it is:

* The notable exceptions to this rule are the following functions:
* radix_tree_lookup
* radix_tree_lookup_slot
* radix_tree_tag_get
* radix_tree_gang_lookup
* radix_tree_gang_lookup_slot
* radix_tree_gang_lookup_tag
* radix_tree_gang_lookup_tag_slot
* radix_tree_tagged

However, I'm not sure I agree that radix_tree_tag_get() belongs in this list.

The bug symptoms are this:

Someone is seeing is a bug with an apparently corrupt radix tree tag chain
being observed in radix_tree_tag_get(). Leastways, the BUG() on line 602 in
radix_tree_tag_get() trips once in a while:

kernel BUG at
RIP: 0010:[<ffffffff81182040>] radix_tree_tag_get+0xbc/0xe3
[<ffffffffa0247b67>] ? __fscache_maybe_release_page+0x42/0x115
[<ffffffffa0372e7d>] ? nfs_fscache_release_page+0x66/0x99 [nfs]
[<ffffffff810b6dee>] ? invalidate_inode_pages2_range+0x15a/0x262
[<ffffffffa035312f>] ? nfs_invalidate_mapping_nolock+0x18/0xb4
[<ffffffffa0354097>] ? nfs_revalidate_mapping+0x85/0x99 [nfs]
[<ffffffffa0351158>] ? nfs_file_splice_read+0x5b/0x8e [nfs]
[<ffffffff811043d3>] ? splice_direct_to_actor+0xbe/0x188
[<ffffffff81104a1c>] ? direct_splice_actor+0x0/0x1e
[<ffffffff81113274>] ? ep_scan_ready_list+0x132/0x151
[<ffffffff811044e7>] ? do_splice_direct+0x4a/0x64
[<ffffffff810e8fa8>] ? do_sendfile+0x12d/0x1a8
[<ffffffff8106685b>] ? getnstimeofday+0x55/0xaf
[<ffffffff810e906c>] ? sys_sendfile64+0x49/0x88
[<ffffffff8103145f>] ? sysenter_dispatch+0x7/0x2e

which is this:

if (!tag_get(node, tag, offset))
saw_unset_tag = 1;
if (height == 1) {
int ret = tag_get(node, tag, offset);

--> BUG_ON(ret && saw_unset_tag);
return !!ret;

In fs/fscache/page.c, __fscache_maybe_release_page() does a radix_tree_lookup()
with just the RCU read lock held, and then calls radix_tree_tag_get() a couple
of times. In this case, it's the first instance, before we grab the
stores_lock spinlock (which is used to serialise alteration of the radix tree)
that is the problem:

/* see if the page is actually undergoing storage - if so we can't get
* rid of it till the cache has finished with it */
if (radix_tree_tag_get(&cookie->stores, page->index,
goto page_busy;

Looking at radix_tree_tag_get(), I can see that it carefully uses
rcu_dereference_raw() to protect itself against pointer modification - but
looking at radix_tree_tag_set/clear(), no pointers are modified, no nodes are
replaced. radix_tree_tag_get()'s attempts to protect itself count for nothing
as set/clear() modify the node directly.

So, what I'm seeing is that the two calls to tag_get() on the same bit
occasionally show a different value, and, looking at the code, I can't see any
reason for the confidence displayed in the documenation that this cannot

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