Re: Ugly rmap NULL ptr deref oopsie on hibernate (was Linux2.6.34-rc3)

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Tue Apr 06 2010 - 15:40:00 EST

On Tue, 6 Apr 2010, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Anyway, I've not actually found anything wrong in the same_vma locking.
> And I'm not at all convinced there is any list corruption there. My point
> was really only that
> (a) the locking rules seem very unclear and certainly not documented and
> (b) corruption of one list could easily be the cause of corruption of
> another list of the same structure.
> but I don't actually see anything wrong anywhere.

I _have_ found what looks like a few clues, though.

In particular, the disassembly in Steinar Gunderson's case looks much more
like the disassembly I get, and if I read that correctly, it's actually
the _first_ iteration of the for_each_entry() loop that crashes.

Why do I think so?

In Steinar's oops, we have "RAX: ffff880169111fc8", which is clearly a
kernel pointer. However, the code from Steinar's oops decodes to:

0: 3b 56 10 cmp 0x10(%rsi),%edx
3: 73 1e jae 0x23
5: 48 83 fa f2 cmp $0xfffffffffffffff2,%rdx
9: 74 18 je 0x23
b: 4d 89 f8 mov %r15,%r8
e: 48 8d 4d cc lea -0x34(%rbp),%rcx
12: 4c 89 e7 mov %r12,%rdi
15: e8 44 f2 ff ff callq 0xfffffffffffff25e
1a: 41 01 c5 add %eax,%r13d
1d: 83 7d cc 00 cmpl $0x0,-0x34(%rbp)
21: 74 19 je 0x3c
23: 48 8b 43 20 mov 0x20(%rbx),%rax
27: 48 8d 58 e0 lea -0x20(%rax),%rbx
2b:* 48 8b 43 20 mov 0x20(%rbx),%rax <-- trapping instruction
2f: 0f 18 08 prefetcht0 (%rax)
32: 48 8d 43 20 lea 0x20(%rbx),%rax
36: 48 39 45 88 cmp %rax,-0x78(%rbp)
3a: 75 a7 jne 0xffffffffffffffe3
3c: 41 fe 06 incb (%r14)
3f: e9 .byte 0xe9

which matches my code pretty well, and the point is, _if_ it went through
the loop, then %rbx should be %rax+20. And it's not.

IOW, the code you see above before the trapping instruction is the end of
the loop: it's the

referenced += page_referenced_one(page, vma, address,
&mapcount, vm_flags);
if (!mapcount)

part (the "callq" and "add %eax" is that "referenced +=", and %r13d is

What you cannot see from the code decode is the loop setup and _entry_,
which looks like this for me:

movl 12(%rbx), %eax # <variable>.D.11299._mapcount.counter, D.33294
xorl %r12d, %r12d # referenced
incl %eax # tmp89
movl %eax, -52(%rbp) # tmp89, mapcount
leaq 48(%r14), %rax #,
movq 48(%r14), %r13 # <variable>, <variable>
movq %rax, -128(%rbp) #, %sfp
subq $32, %r13 #, avc
jmp .L167 #

where that "L167" is actually the oopsing instruction (ie the "while" loop
has been turned around, and we jump to the end of the loop that does the
loop end test).

In other words, what is NULL here is not an anon_vma_chain entry, but
actually the initial "anon_vma->" pointer.

The whole _head_ of the list has never been initialized, in other words.

So we can entirely ignore the 'anon_vma_chain' issues. We need to look at
the initializations of the 'anon_vma's themselves.

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