Re: Downsides to madvise/fadvise(willneed) for application startup

From: Taras Glek
Date: Tue Apr 06 2010 - 18:09:35 EST

On 04/05/2010 04:52 PM, Roland Dreier wrote:
Almost certainly teaching my grandmother to suck eggs, but are you aware
of the work Michael Meeks has done on improving startup time?
Yes. There were some stones left unturned in the cold startup area. Turns out that every single large application suffers from low io throughput likely due to lack of cooperation between the dynamic linker and the kernel.
There is a glibc bug filed on that.

Unfortunately, few userspace people seem to know exactly how madvise() hints behave, so I was hoping someone on LKML would clue me in.

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