Sheep on Meth is out with wings (?) - compat-wireless for linux-2.6.35-rc1

From: Luis R. Rodriguez
Date: Tue Jun 01 2010 - 21:53:01 EST

The sheep (Linus?) got on meth (Red Bull?) this weekend with a 2.6.35
release (huge guess on the meaning :)) so we get to give it wings with
a respective compat-wireless stable release [1] tarball based on it
[2]. This gives us the 2.6.35 802.11 subsystem, bluetooth subsystem
and new 802.11/bluetooth drivers (and a few Ethernet drivers [atlc1,
atl1e, atl1, atl2, b44]) compilable and installable on older kernels.
Please report any issues ASAP. For details on changes you can refer to
the ChangeLog-2.6.35-wireless [3].

While at it I went ahead and updated the older compat-wireless releases from:

compat-wireless- --> compat-wireless-
compat-wireless- --> compat-wireless-

The 2.6.34 kernel has not received a new extra version update yet so
that remains the same.

The $(git shortlog linux-2.6.34.y..linux-2.6.35.y) for the generic
kernel compatibility module [4] is:

Hauke Mehrtens (3):
compat: backport eth_change_mtu and eth_validate_addr
compat: move kparam_{block,unblock}_sysfs_write
compat: move usb_{alloc,free}_coherent

Luis R. Rodriguez (11):
compat: add new way to backport the usage of net_device_ops
compat: add the rest of the missing netdev_attach_ops()
compat: add the ndo_select_queue for netdev_attach_ops()
compat: add compat_version read-only module parameter
Modify the compat print
Fix the syntax for the defines passed for compat
Remove the stupid SET_NETDEVOP
compat: create the udev directories for compat_firmware file
compat: backport USHRT_MAX, SHRT_MAX and SHRT_MIN

The $(git shortlog linux-2.6.34.y..linux-2.6.35.y) for compat-wireless
for this release so far is:

Bruno Randolf (1):
compat-wireless: fix 07-change-default-rate-alg.patch

Hauke Mehrtens (22):
compat-wireless: rename {free,alloc}_ieee80211 to {free,alloc}_libipw
compat-wireless: fix building of iwmc3200wifi
compat-wireless: remove some uneeded header files
compat-wireless: update config symbols
compat-wireless: add orinoco to compat-wireless
compat-wireless: remove rename {free,alloc}_ieee80211 patch
compat-wireless: refresh patch to apply again
compat-wireless: Backport changes in pcmcia system
compat-wireless: fix use of device_create
compat-wireless: use wireless_handlers for wext functions.
compat-wireless: backport convert multicast list to list_head.
compat-wireless: Remove use of sdio quirks attribute
compat-wireless: include net and trace includes form compat.
compat-wireless: refresh patches
compat-wireless: updates for orinoco
compat-wireless: backport pm_qos_{add,remove,update}_request
compat-wireless: make patches apply again
Revert "compat-wireless: fix 07-change-default-rate-alg.patch"
compat-wireless: Update Readme to reflect changes
compat-wireless: update clean scripts
compat-wireless: use /etc/init.d/ and not sudo service
compat-wireless: run refresh only on last applied directory

Luis R. Rodriguez (71):
./scripts/ refresh
./scripts/ refres
admin-update refresh the patches
driver-select: enable listing of ath9k_htc
driver-select: fix selecting ath9k_htc
admin-update refresh
Fix patches/06-header-changes.patch
Fix patches/13-trace.patch
admin-update refresh
admin-update refresh
admin-update refresh
Update USB makefile for new driver ipheth.o
./scripts/ refresh
compat-wireless: make use of new netdev_attach_ops() for orinoco
scripts/ refresh
Make rndis_host use netdev_attach_ops()
usbnet: use netdev_attach_ops()
rndis_wlan: fix backport of netdev_attach_ops() usage
rndis_wlan: use netdev_attach_ops()
mac80211: use netdev_attach_ops()
admin-update refresh
b44: use netdev_attach_ops()
ipw2100: use netdev_attach_ops()
ipw2200: use netdev_attach_ops()
libertas: use netdev_attach_ops()
mac80211_hwsim: use netdevice_attach_ops()
bnep, atl1e, atl1c: use netdev_attach_ops()
atl1: use netdev_attach_ops()
atl2: use netdev_attach_ops()
./scripts/ refresh
./scripts/ refresh
Change to use system version files
Remove double line on
Split up the NOSTDINC_FLAGS into a few lines
Use the defines to tag the compat module
Fix dependency on on WEXT
Fix the CREL compat-wireless release name on top level Makefile
Fix for new version name changes
Fix scripts/driver-select due to new version changes
Add the compat to the unload of the modules
compat-wireless: add linux-next-pending, crap patch dirs and nagometer
rm -rf drivers when running scripts/
compat-wireless: add a set of pending patches for linux-wireless
compat-wireless: add the Kconfig for drivers
compat-wireless: add some Atheros crap patches
compat-wireless: run ./scripts/compat_firmware_install
compat-wireless: remove some new files upon make clean
compat-wireless: add the new versioning files to .gitignore
Revert "compat-wireless: run ./scripts/compat_firmware_install"
compat-wireless: remove pending patches as of next-20100525
compat-wireless: ./scripts/ refresh
compat-wireless: fix backport code calculation
compat-wireless: only copy existing Kconfig files
compat-wireless: ./scripts/ -p refresh
compat-wireless: fix typo for used color for nagometer
compat-wireless: add new set of pending patches for 2010-05-25
compat-wireless: update the atheros crap patches
compat-wireless: clarify usage of linux-next-cherry-pick for bleeding edge
compat-wireless: remove two pending patches now upstream
compat-wireless: add pending fix patch for ath9k
compat-wireless: fixes offsets for
07-change-default-rate-alg.patch for 2.6.35-rc1
./scripts/ refresh
compat-wireless: fix hunks for crap/0002-ath9k-Add-pktlog-support.patch
compat-wireless: accept extra arguments for scripts/
Remove sucked in patch post 2.6.35-rc1
compat-wireless: add -n -p -c support for
compat-wireless: optimize branch selection on
compat-wireless: update the usage() print for
compat-wireless: fix target kernel expecations on
compat-wireless: Drop all the linux-next-pending patches
compat-wireless: remove the crap patches

Paul Fertser (1):
compat-wireless: driver-select: add b43 to the list

Pavel Roskin (9):
compat-wireless: disable rt2800 if crc_ccitt is not available
compat-wireless: disable wl1251 SPI and wl1271 if crc7 is not available
compat-wireless: add support for ath9k_htc
compat-wireless: update 22-multiqueue.patch for the current linux-next
compat-wireless: remove patch part dealing with net/net_namespace.h
compat-wireless: remove 13-trace.patch, it's handled in compat now
compat-wireless: remove 25-device_create.patch, it's handled by compat
compat-wireless: find the actual remote URL
compat-wireless: fix fallbacks for unknown branch, remote or remote URL

Walter Goldens (2):
compat-wireless, unload rt2800usb
compat-wireless: rt2x00 added to driver-select

If there are any questions please let me know, I'll push new updates
out as we move along with the rcs for 2.6.35.


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