Re: [rfc] new stat*fs-like syscall?

From: Andi Kleen
Date: Sat Jun 26 2010 - 06:13:45 EST

Nick Piggin <npiggin@xxxxxxx> writes:

> Other than types, other differences are:
> - statvfs(2) has is f_frsize, which seems fairly useless.
> - statvfs(2) has f_favail.
> - statfs(2) f_bsize is optimal transfer block, statvfs(2) f_bsize is fs
> block size. The latter could be useful for disk space algorithms.
> Both can be ill defned.
> - statvfs(2) lacks f_type.
> Is there anything more we should add here? Samba wants a capabilities
> field, with things like sparse files, quotas, compression, encryption,
> case preserving/sensitive.

I wonder if it would make sense to export the time stamp granuality
of the time stamps? We already have this information internally,
and it might allow user land to optimize its stat frequency or comparison.

Some file systems also have quotas with "project ids". Maybe add that

I think NTFS also have some more time stamps, but not sure
there's enough space for that.


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