Re: 2.6.35-rc3: System unresponsive under load

From: Manfred Spraul
Date: Sat Jun 26 2010 - 11:49:21 EST


On 06/26/2010 05:47 PM, Manfred Spraul wrote:
Hi Luca,

On 06/26/2010 02:52 PM, Luca Tettamanti wrote:
They don't seem really hung as before, I see two different behaviours:
* Near the end of the run ab is frozen for a few seconds, but in the
end all requests are processed; however I see a few "length" errors,
meaning that the received page does not match the expected content
(I'm testing a static page):

That's consistent with what I see:
If I run:
#./semtimedop 100 100&
#./semtimedop 100 100&
#./semtimedop 100 100&
#./semtimedop 100 100&

Sorry for the noise, but I forgot one important piece:
The patch from

must be applied - otherwise you'll just see errors due to IN_WAKEUP.

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