Re: [linux-pm] [PATCH] PM: Make it possible to avoid wakeup events from being lost

From: David Brownell
Date: Sat Jun 26 2010 - 22:43:50 EST

> > This is a repeat of an issue I posted before, but
> > which for some reason I never saw email back ...
> I replied to one of your emails on this topic.  Maybe you didn't see the reply.

I guess not; I'll see if there's some message
buried in a too-much-email folder.)
> > basically, I think the notion of counting wakeup
> > events seems dubious on common hardware, ...
> I disagree. 
> The "counting" isn't meant as a way of keeping track of the absolute
> number of these events.  It's more like a technique for seeing how many
> remain outstanding at any time.

But if you can't count them with any
reliability, you can't know *that* either... so
there must be a a problem with that model.

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