Re: Problems with alpha/pci + radeon/ttm

From: Michael Cree
Date: Mon Jun 28 2010 - 05:03:44 EST

On 28/06/10 11:14, Dave Airlie wrote:
The bus error is caused by the kernel, its something alpha specific
with how mmap works,
I'm not sure if alpha needs some special mmap flags or something,

Neither am I. All I know is that Alpha reorders CPU instructions more aggressively than most other architectures, the page map size is 8kB, and memory accesses must be aligned to the datum size.

Maybe Ivan or Richard can comment on any relevant Alpha mmap specific issues.

BTW, I discovered a couple of weeks ago that DRI is broken under UMS. It was working a year or so ago so something has happened to it. Am I correct in thinking that the DRM code has pretty much been shifted into the kernel even for UMS?

On the Alpha I have been testing on (PWS600au, EV56 cpu and a radeon RV710 graphics card) running glxgears under UMS displays artefacts in rendering the gears, that is, some facets are not clipped to the rotating gear but extend to the edge of the window. On another Alpha (XP1000, EV67 cpu and a radeon RV610 card) it locked up completely (couldn't even ping it) when I ran glxgears. They are both running Debian unstable.

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