Re: Regression: ps2mouse not working in 2.6.34

From: Mark Lord
Date: Mon Jun 28 2010 - 12:34:37 EST

On 28/06/10 12:04 PM, Mark Lord wrote:
Okay, who broke it, and how do I re-enable it?

The PS/2 mice on my systems here don't do anything with 2.6.34.
One system complains that I need to boot with i8042.nopnp to enable it,
which I also tried, but still nogo. Same behaviour with or without
/dev/psaux enabled. 64-bit kernel.

The other system, running older userspace, hangs at the X-server startup
because it cannot find the mouse. No i8042 warnings. 32-bit kernel.

Both systems working fine with older kernels.
Google finds lots of other people discovering the same problem.

What gives?

Mmmm.. the problem started for some people with 2.6.32:

That thread has a suggestion that perhaps
"the kernel fails to properly set the power settings for the PS2 port"

Whatever that means. :)
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