Re: uninterruptible CLONE_VFORK (Was: oom: Make coredumpinterruptible)

From: Roland McGrath
Date: Mon Jun 28 2010 - 14:04:34 EST

> The parent can play with real_blocked or saved_sigmask to block all
> signals except STOP and KILL, use TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE for wait, and
> just return ERESTART each time it gets the signal (it should clear
> child->vfork_done if fatal_signal_pending).

Yes, perhaps.

> We should also check PF_KTHREAD though, there are in kernel users

There is only __call_usermodehelper, but yes.

> > Bu the way that happens ordinarily is
> > to get all the way back to user mode and reenter with a normal syscall.
> > That doesn't touch the user stack itself, but it sure makes one nervous.
> me too. Especially because I do not really know how !x86 machines
> implement this all.

The only problem I know of off hand is ia64's TIF_RESTORE_RSE (an
arch-specific ptrace detail). But yes, it would require a careful
reading of all the arch code paths.

> We should also verify that the exiting/stopping parent can never write
> to its ->mm. For example, exit_mm() does put_user(tsk->clear_child_tid).
> Fortunately we can rely on PF_SIGNALED flag in this case.


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