[ANNOUNCE] MDB Merkey's Kernel Debugger x86_64 2.6.34 06-30-2010 Release 3

From: Jeffrey Merkey
Date: Wed Jun 30 2010 - 21:58:18 EST


A few fixes for default numeric parsiing with decimal register offsets
to conform to Linux standards and to match displayed register offsets
in both decimal and hex numbers. Also fixed the default pointer
reference size on expression evaluation to match the machine arch.

- make numeric parsing decimal mode by default unless 0x, x, or A-F
appear in the number, then parse as hex. This is backwards to how the
NetWare debugger worked, but conforms to Linux standards
- create ARCH_PTR default derefence pointer size based on arch for
default parser disassembly and expression evaluation

- continue to investigate rex64 sysret instruction issue
- enable segment:address lookups in the disassembler for fs: and gs:,
handle ptr_regs() and OP_E segment:address dereferencing

Jeffrey Vernon Merkey
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