linux-next: manual merge of the staging-next tree with the pcmciatree

From: Stephen Rothwell
Date: Sun Aug 01 2010 - 23:57:48 EST

Hi Greg,

Today's linux-next merge of the staging-next tree got a conflict in
drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/quatech_daqp_cs.c between commit
9b3efec734d2d79d82a6f5cef25a618d41a6b2c5 ("pcmcia: do not use io_req_t
after call to pcmcia_request_io()") from the pcmcia tree and commit
3420f6b4c1ac731e80d0911e0092705992cef14f ("Staging: comedi: drivers: fix
coding style issues in quatech_daqp_cs.c") from the staging-next tree.

Just context changes. I fixed it up (see below) and can carry the fixes
as necessary.
Stephen Rothwell sfr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

diff --cc drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/quatech_daqp_cs.c
index 25f4e67e,8b49cb1..0000000
--- a/drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/quatech_daqp_cs.c
+++ b/drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/quatech_daqp_cs.c
@@@ -1150,11 -1151,13 +1148,11 @@@ static void daqp_cs_config(struct pcmci
/* Finally, report what we've done */
dev_info(&link->dev, "index 0x%02x", link->conf.ConfigIndex);
if (link->conf.Attributes & CONF_ENABLE_IRQ)
- printk(", irq %u", link->irq);
+ printk(KERN_INFO ", irq %u", link->irq);
- if (link->io.NumPorts1)
- printk(", io 0x%04x-0x%04x", link->io.BasePort1,
- link->io.BasePort1 + link->io.NumPorts1 - 1);
- if (link->io.NumPorts2)
- printk(" & 0x%04x-0x%04x", link->io.BasePort2,
- link->io.BasePort2 + link->io.NumPorts2 - 1);
+ if (link->resource[0])
+ printk(" & %pR", link->resource[0]);
+ if (link->resource[1])
+ printk(" & %pR", link->resource[1]);

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