Re: Linux 2.6.35

From: Donald Parsons
Date: Mon Aug 02 2010 - 14:39:10 EST

On Mon, 2010-08-02 at 07:48 -0600, Bjorn Helgaas wrote:

> Netconsole has special kernel support that doesn't require the normal
> networking stack to be configured, so it works quite early. You
> would want to build your networking driver into the kernel for the
> most benefit.

I compiled network module sky2 and netconsole into kernel 2.6.35.

Inserted into kernel line:
"debug netconsole=,"

and ran on a laptop the cmd: "nc -l -u 6666"
using all default ports if I read documentation correctly.

This failed to show any output at all.

> If that doesn't work, you could try capturing the log on VGA with a
> digital camera or video camera, possibly with "boot_delay=" to
> slow things down.

What or how much do you want shot with my digital camera? I see
maybe 3 or 4 screens fulls go by to where boot fails.

I added "boot_delay=15" for next boot.

> > Should I try building sata driver into kernel?

I think it is already in kernel, since no sata modules load
in a booting kernel (assuming sata is part of module name).

> I doubt that will make a difference. It seems like the problem
> is that we don't find your root filesystem, probably because there's
> something wrong with the HBA leading to that device. For example,
> maybe the PCI core mistakenly moved or disabled the adapter, or
> there's some problem with its interrupt.

I only see one sata compiled into kernel: CONFIG_SATA_PMP=y
and I also see no sata's loaded with lsmod in a working
kernel (

I am going to rebuild again with CONFIG_SATA_AHCI=y
instead of =m as it is Fedora's config (do not know how
it got changed). These modules are loaded in

#lsmod | egrep "ata|ahci"
ata_generic 3427 0
pata_acpi 3227 0
pata_jmicron 2547 0
ahci 35887 4
libata 157450 4 ata_generic,pata_acpi,pata_jmicron,ahci
scsi_mod 147895 5 sg,sr_mod,usb_storage,sd_mod,libata


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