Re: [GIT PULL] iBFT features for v2.6.36

From: Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk
Date: Mon Aug 02 2010 - 21:10:11 EST

On Monday 02 August 2010 16:26:59 H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> On 08/02/2010 12:52 PM, Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk wrote:
> >> Unfortunately, we're increasingly seeing a proliferation of this kind of
> >> nonstandard ACPI tables, because it is difficult to add data to ACPI at
> >
> > Keep in mind that iBFT is now a standard (woot!)
> Yes, but the discovery method is ad hoc, as opposed to the standard ACPI
> mechanisms.

The set of patches that I am asking Linus to pull now can use the ACPI table
to find the table or in the fallback case the old method of scanning the
memory. However if the machine has UEFI it will only do ACPI table lookup.

Can you point me what 'standard ACPI mechanism' is? Like sticking the code in
the drivers/acpi ? And then having a generic driver to handle the
[i,a,s,m]BFT tables and maybe some subordinate ones for specific pieces where
the generic can't handle it?

> >> It would be good to have some kind of common structure framework for
> >> these.
> >
> > I need to grok those tables some more to figure out what they all do.
> More or less the same thing as iBFT, but for AoE, SRP, or in-memory disk.

What is the tools state ? For iBFT, iscsi-initiator-utils scans
the /sys/firmware directory to extract the relevant data and does its thing.
Are there tools for AoE, SCSI RDMA Protocol (SRP), and in-memory disk?
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