RE: [RFC PATCH v8 00/16] Provide a zero-copy method on KVMvirtio-net.

From: Xin, Xiaohui
Date: Tue Aug 03 2010 - 04:48:23 EST

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>Subject: Re: [RFC PATCH v8 00/16] Provide a zero-copy method on KVM virtio-net.
>Hello Xiaohui,
>On Thu, 2010-07-29 at 19:14 +0800, wrote:
>> The idea is simple, just to pin the guest VM user space and then
>> let host NIC driver has the chance to directly DMA to it.
>> The patches are based on vhost-net backend driver. We add a device
>> which provides proto_ops as sendmsg/recvmsg to vhost-net to
>> send/recv directly to/from the NIC driver. KVM guest who use the
>> vhost-net backend may bind any ethX interface in the host side to
>> get copyless data transfer thru guest virtio-net frontend.
>Since vhost-net already supports macvtap/tun backends, do you think
>whether it's better to implement zero copy in macvtap/tun than inducing
>a new media passthrough device here?
>> Our goal is to improve the bandwidth and reduce the CPU usage.
>> Exact performance data will be provided later.
>I did some vhost performance measurement over 10Gb ixgbe, and found that
>in order to get consistent BW results, netperf/netserver, qemu, vhost
>threads smp affinities are required.
>Looking forward to these results for small message size comparison. For
>large message size 10Gb ixgbe BW already reached by doing vhost smp
>affinity w/i offloading support, we will see how much CPU utilization it
>can be reduced.
>Please provide latency results as well. I did some experimental on
>macvtap zero copy sendmsg, what I have found that get_user_pages latency
>pretty high.
May you share me with your performance results (including BW and latency)on
vhost-net and how you get them(your configuration and especially with the affinity



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