Re: kmemleak, cpu usage jump out of nowhere

From: damien . wyart
Date: Tue Aug 03 2010 - 05:15:39 EST

> > Vacation.. but now I'm back ;-)
> >
> > Even something simple as: perf top -r 1 (make sure you're root in order
> > to run with real-time prios) could give a clue as to what is consuming
> > all your cpu-time.
> >
> > Or did the issue get sorted already?
> Thank you for the hint.
> I am on 2.6.35 now and all seems to be fine again.

Are you 100% sure you compiled it with CONFIG_NO_BOOTMEM enabled?

I did not test 2.6.35 yet but I did not see anything related to this bug
commited since the discussion so I am very surprised the problem disappeared by

Will be on vacation very soon, so not sure I will have time to test 2.6.35
before leaving.

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