Re: Getting error message "Cannot read inode bitmap". Someone ableto help?

From: Manuel Reimer
Date: Tue Aug 03 2010 - 05:23:16 EST

Manuel Reimer wrote:
With my first try (ext2 on target disk) I got the error "Cannot read
inode bitmap". The kernel reported this error for the *target* device
(the brand new SATA hard drive). I did a second try and reformated the
target drive to ext3 and, again, I got the same error. So I installed
"smartmontools" into my running live system and checked the drive. The
new drive has no "reallocated sectors" but several read errors (about 500).

Sorry for the spam (maybe I'm on the wrong ML at all... don't know...) but I fixed this on my own. I didn't expect the new disk to be the reason for this problem, but after checking for badblocks I got a value far over 1000 of bad blocks.

So I'll send this disk back to the vendor to get my money back and get a new one...

Nice to know, that Linux was *not* the reason for those errors.



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