From: Yehuda Sadeh Weinraub
Date: Tue Aug 03 2010 - 14:50:13 EST

Hi Andrew, Jens,

We've posted rbd a few times before. Rbd provides a block device
that stripes data over ceph's block layer (rados). Other than a few
trivial bug fixes it hasn't changed much from our last post, and the
latest version can be found on the rbd branch at

First, we'd like to know if it's acceptable to include the rbd block
driver as part of the ceph module, or whether we need to restructure
ceph so that it'd be possible to add rbd as a separate module.

Second, is there any specific person's ACK or review we need in order
to send this upstream with the rest of the ceph 2.6.36 queue?

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