Re: [linux-pm] Power management minisummit at Linux Plumbers Conference(November 3-5)

From: Mike Turquette
Date: Tue Aug 03 2010 - 16:31:37 EST

Matthew Garrett wrote:
I'm planning on finalising the schedule for the power management minisummit at the Linux Plumbers Conference by the end of this week. If anyone has topics that they'd like to discuss (or be discussed, if you can't make it) then please let me know or register at and file a

That link did not really work for me, but I think I found the right place after a few clicks.

proposal there. We're likely to be concentrating on userspace/kernel interaction rather than pure kernel topics, so if you've got anything to say about how we can handle application requirements without compromising on our power savings then we'd love to hear from you.

Just FYI, I proposed a discussion on the issues that create such a large power gap between a CPUIdle-only system and a system with suspend (with the assumption that the lowest C-state can be hit by both).

I don't really want to present a formal lecture on it, but it would be nice to discuss with the group what can be done to shrink that gap a little in kernel space (badly behaving timers in platform-independent code) and in userspace (power-aware timers, coalescing timers, etc).

This is not intended to be another suspend-blocker discussion, but more of a discussion on what it takes to get CPUIdle to be more effective.

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