git tree for testing stable kernels RCs

From: Michael Neuling
Date: Tue Aug 03 2010 - 21:05:11 EST


Do you have a git tree with RC candidates for the stable kernels? I'm
interested in full trees, not just the patch series like you have in
your stable-queue.git tree. I'm happy if this tree is re-based before
the final stable release.

The reason I ask is that Michael Ellerman has added the stable kernels
to his list of trees he tests with his kisskb infrastructure. You can
see the results here:


These results have already helped us find bugs but it would be even
better if we could fix the problems before the final release.

If you don't have this available we're likely to build one but before
we do, I thought I'd ask if you had this pre-built somewhere anyway.

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