Re: Additional fix : (was [v2]printk: fix delayed messages from CPUhotplug events)

From: Ralf Baechle
Date: Wed Aug 04 2010 - 09:52:47 EST

On Wed, Aug 04, 2010 at 12:30:34PM +0900, Paul Mundt wrote:

> > An older version of this patch is present in linux-next, committed by
> > Paul Mundt, who wasn't cc'ed here(!).
> >
> > Paul, please update. Be aware that the version of the patch to which I
> > replied is also not the latest.
> >
> I just reviewed it, it went in through the MIPS tree if memory serves
> correctly, so Ralf (added to Cc) would have been the one that checked it
> in. I'll take a look at the thread though.

Authored by Kevin Cernekee and committed by me. No idea where akpm found
Paul's name.

commit 4251bce66898298b03824b7d94ce94c431404b54
Author: Kevin Cernekee <cernekee@xxxxxxxxx>
AuthorDate: Thu Jun 3 22:11:25 2010 -0700
Commit: Ralf Baechle <ralf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
CommitDate: Mon Aug 2 14:00:10 2010 +0100

Will update the patch.

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