Compat-wireless for 2.6.35 final - 802.11, Bluetooth, Ethernet backported

From: Luis R. Rodriguez
Date: Wed Aug 04 2010 - 17:51:20 EST

Linus released 2.6.35 so we get our respective compat-wireless-2.6.35
released which backports the kernel's 802.11, Bluetooth and some
Ethernet drivers down to kernels >= 2.6.27. Goal is to always backport
all drivers down to the oldest supported 2.6. kenrel release listed on Some drivers are backported to even further older kernels
(ath9k should go down to 2.6.23), to enable only one driver use the
./scripts/driver-select script. You can get compat-wireless-2.6.35
sha1sum: a718b6377136560894e7919304d0cf7a5106815b

compat-wireless code metrics

491756 - Total lines of upstream code being pulled
1394 - backport code changes
1163 - backport code additions
231 - backport code deletions
5737 - backport from compat module
7131 - total lines of backport code
1.45 - % of code consists of backport work

Base tree: linux-2.6-allstable.git
Base tree version: v2.6.35
compat-wireless release: compat-wireless-v2.6.35-0

Since we can have extra fixes within compat.git / compat-wireless.git
for stable releases in between stable kernel extra version updates I'm
started to rely on -release_number tag postfixes to the release tag.
So this release has the -0 release number, if we get a new fix/update
on this package before we'll have compat-wireless-2.6.35-1,
and so on.

Changes that went into the Linux kernel for this release:

This comes from:

git log v2.6.34..HEAD \
net/wireless/ \
net/mac80211/ \
net/rfkill/ \
drivers/net/wireless/ \
net/bluetooth/ \
drivers/net/atl1c/ \
drivers/net/atl1e/ \
drivers/net/atlx/ \
drivers/bluetooth/ \
include/linux/nl80211.h \
include/linux/rfkill.h \
include/net/cfg80211.h \
include/net/regulatory.h \

For more information see:

compat-wireless makes use of the compat.git tree which provides a
generic Linux kernel compatibility module which besides providing
generic kernel helpers also backports the new rfkill, pm-qos and
firmware_class stuff. The updates from compat since the 2.6.34 kernel
release are:

Hauke Mehrtens (7):
compat: backport eth_change_mtu and eth_validate_addr
compat: move kparam_{block,unblock}_sysfs_write
compat: move usb_{alloc,free}_coherent
compat: update bitops.h and wireless.h
compat: move kparam_{block,unblock}_sysfs_write
compat: backport small functions and defines
compat: use kernel pm_qos_params.h

Luis R. Rodriguez (11):
compat: add new way to backport the usage of net_device_ops
compat: add the rest of the missing netdev_attach_ops()
compat: add the ndo_select_queue for netdev_attach_ops()
compat: add compat_version read-only module parameter
Modify the compat print
Fix the syntax for the defines passed for compat
Remove the stupid SET_NETDEVOP
compat: create the udev directories for compat_firmware file
compat: backport USHRT_MAX, SHRT_MAX and SHRT_MIN

Rajkumar Manoharan (1):
compat: Fix panic caused by NULL pointer derefence in rtnl_fill_ifinfo

compat-wireless changes since the compat-wireless-2.6.34 release are:

Bruno Randolf (1):
compat-wireless: fix 07-change-default-rate-alg.patch

Hauke Mehrtens (23):
compat-wireless: rename {free,alloc}_ieee80211 to {free,alloc}_libipw
compat-wireless: fix building of iwmc3200wifi
compat-wireless: remove some uneeded header files
compat-wireless: update config symbols
compat-wireless: add orinoco to compat-wireless
compat-wireless: remove rename {free,alloc}_ieee80211 patch
compat-wireless: refresh patch to apply again
compat-wireless: Backport changes in pcmcia system
compat-wireless: fix use of device_create
compat-wireless: use wireless_handlers for wext functions.
compat-wireless: backport convert multicast list to list_head.
compat-wireless: Remove use of sdio quirks attribute
compat-wireless: include net and trace includes form compat.
compat-wireless: refresh patches
compat-wireless: updates for orinoco
compat-wireless: backport pm_qos_{add,remove,update}_request
compat-wireless: make patches apply again
Revert "compat-wireless: fix 07-change-default-rate-alg.patch"
compat-wireless: Update Readme to reflect changes
compat-wireless: update clean scripts
compat-wireless: use /etc/init.d/ and not sudo service
compat-wireless: run refresh only on last applied directory
compat-wireless: fix build of ath5k for CONFIG_PM_SLEEP=n

Luis R. Rodriguez (77):
./scripts/ refresh
./scripts/ refres
admin-update refresh the patches
driver-select: enable listing of ath9k_htc
driver-select: fix selecting ath9k_htc
admin-update refresh
Fix patches/06-header-changes.patch
Fix patches/13-trace.patch
admin-update refresh
admin-update refresh
admin-update refresh
Update USB makefile for new driver ipheth.o
./scripts/ refresh
compat-wireless: make use of new netdev_attach_ops() for orinoco
scripts/ refresh
Make rndis_host use netdev_attach_ops()
usbnet: use netdev_attach_ops()
rndis_wlan: fix backport of netdev_attach_ops() usage
rndis_wlan: use netdev_attach_ops()
mac80211: use netdev_attach_ops()
admin-update refresh
b44: use netdev_attach_ops()
ipw2100: use netdev_attach_ops()
ipw2200: use netdev_attach_ops()
libertas: use netdev_attach_ops()
mac80211_hwsim: use netdevice_attach_ops()
bnep, atl1e, atl1c: use netdev_attach_ops()
atl1: use netdev_attach_ops()
atl2: use netdev_attach_ops()
./scripts/ refresh
./scripts/ refresh
Change to use system version files
Remove double line on
Split up the NOSTDINC_FLAGS into a few lines
Use the defines to tag the compat module
Fix dependency on on WEXT
Fix the CREL compat-wireless release name on top level Makefile
Fix for new version name changes
Fix scripts/driver-select due to new version changes
Add the compat to the unload of the modules
compat-wireless: add linux-next-pending, crap patch dirs and nagometer
rm -rf drivers when running scripts/
compat-wireless: add a set of pending patches for linux-wireless
compat-wireless: add the Kconfig for drivers
compat-wireless: add some Atheros crap patches
compat-wireless: run ./scripts/compat_firmware_install
compat-wireless: remove some new files upon make clean
compat-wireless: add the new versioning files to .gitignore
Revert "compat-wireless: run ./scripts/compat_firmware_install"
compat-wireless: remove pending patches as of next-20100525
compat-wireless: ./scripts/ refresh
compat-wireless: fix backport code calculation
compat-wireless: only copy existing Kconfig files
compat-wireless: ./scripts/ -p refresh
compat-wireless: fix typo for used color for nagometer
compat-wireless: add new set of pending patches for 2010-05-25
compat-wireless: update the atheros crap patches
compat-wireless: clarify usage of linux-next-cherry-pick for bleeding edge
compat-wireless: remove two pending patches now upstream
compat-wireless: add pending fix patch for ath9k
compat-wireless: fixes offsets for
07-change-default-rate-alg.patch for 2.6.35-rc1
./scripts/ refresh
compat-wireless: fix hunks for crap/0002-ath9k-Add-pktlog-support.patch
compat-wireless: accept extra arguments for scripts/
Remove sucked in patch post 2.6.35-rc1
compat-wireless: add -n -p -c support for
compat-wireless: optimize branch selection on
compat-wireless: update the usage() print for
compat-wireless: fix target kernel expecations on
compat-wireless: Drop all the linux-next-pending patches
compat-wireless: remove the crap patches
compat-wireless: refresh hunks for 2.6.35-rc2
compat-wireless: refresh hunks for 2.6.35-rc2 as of June 11 2010
compat-wireless: fix patch patches/25-multicast-list_head.patch
for BT bnet
compat-wireless: ./scripts/ refresh
compta-wireless: update unload script
compat-wireless: refresh patches for 2.6.36-rc6
Paul Fertser (1):
compat-wireless: driver-select: add b43 to the list

Pavel Roskin (9):
compat-wireless: disable rt2800 if crc_ccitt is not available
compat-wireless: disable wl1251 SPI and wl1271 if crc7 is not available
compat-wireless: add support for ath9k_htc
compat-wireless: update 22-multiqueue.patch for the current linux-next
compat-wireless: remove patch part dealing with net/net_namespace.h
compat-wireless: remove 13-trace.patch, it's handled in compat now
compat-wireless: remove 25-device_create.patch, it's handled by compat
compat-wireless: find the actual remote URL
compat-wireless: fix fallbacks for unknown branch, remote or remote URL

Walter Goldens (2):
compat-wireless, unload rt2800usb
compat-wireless: rt2x00 added to driver-select

Thanks to the contributors!

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