[git pull] FireWire updates post 2.6.35

From: Stefan Richter
Date: Thu Aug 05 2010 - 09:18:31 EST

Linus, please pull from the for-linus branch at

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/ieee1394/linux1394-2.6.git for-linus

to receive the following FireWire (IEEE 1394) subsystem updates:

- <linux/firewire-cdev.h> userspace ABI update:

- Add missing source node data to incoming request events.
This, together with a libraw1394 update which is in the release
pipeline, is required to support FFADO (FireWire audio drivers
in userspace) in the presence of multiple devices on the same
bus. It is also required for other firewire-cdev.h clients that
need to act as responders, especially target-type client

- Also for some kinds of responders: Add missing extended tcode
to incoming lock request events. Improve the ABI for address
range allocation to provide the same comfort as for kernelspace

- Implement PHY packet transmission and reception. Among else
this allows to implement VersaPHY drivers in userspace (or

- Implement multichannel isochronous reception. This is the last
noteworthy (though rarely used) feature of the older ieee1394
stack that was not yet implemented by firewire-core and -ohci.

- New driver: Nosy, a packet sniffer. This turns a PCILynx
controller into a low-cost FireWire bus analyzer. A small userspace
front-end to this driver is provided under tools/firewire/.

- Close last gaps in firewire-core's Command and Status Registers

- Enable Message Signaled Interrupts on native PCIe controllers,
except for known broken ones.

- As usual, several bug fixes.

Credits: The shortlog does not give away that a good deal of
firewire-cdev related updates were prototypically implemented or
otherwise brought forward by Jay Fenlason. The driver Nosy was written
by Kristian Høgsberg, I merely merged the stand-alone sources into the
kernel tree.


Clemens Ladisch (20):
firewire: ohci: add MSI support
firewire: check cdev response length
firewire: ohci: speed up PHY register accesses
firewire: core: retry on local errors in bus manager election
firewire: core: add CSR STATE_CLEAR/STATE_SET support
firewire: add read_csr_reg driver callback
firewire: add CSR NODE_IDS support
firewire: core: add CSR RESET_START support
firewire: core: add CSR SPLIT_TIMEOUT support
firewire: add CSR CYCLE_TIME write support
firewire: add CSR BUS_TIME support
firewire: add CSR BUSY_TIMEOUT support
firewire: add CSR PRIORITY_BUDGET support
firewire: core: add CSR MAINT_UTILITY support
firewire: add CSR cmstr support
firewire: core: add CSR abdicate support
firewire: allocate broadcast channel in hardware
firewire: core: always enable cycle master packets
firewire: cdev: fix race in iso context creation
firewire: cdev: check write quadlet request length to avoid buffer overflow

Jay Fenlason (2):
firewire: cdev: fix responses to nodes at different card
firewire: expose extended tcode of incoming lock requests to (userspace) drivers

Joe Perches (1):
ieee1394: Remove unnecessary casts of private_data

Julia Lawall (1):
ieee1394: video1394: Use memdup_user

Stefan Richter (59):
firewire: ohci: do not enable interrupts without the handler
firewire: core: trivial fix for warning strings
firewire: 'add CSR_... support' addendum
firewire: drop sizeof expressions from some request size arguments
firewire: replace get_features card driver hook
firewire: normalize STATE_CLEAR/SET CSR access interface
firewire: core: combine some repeated code
firewire: rename CSR access driver methods
ieee1394: remove unused variables
firewire: core: remove unused variable
firewire: core: remove an unnecessary zero initialization
firewire: remove an unused function argument
firewire: cdev: count references of cards during inbound transactions
firewire: cdev: freeze FW_CDEV_VERSION due to libraw1394 bug
firewire: cdev: fix ABI for FCP and address range mapping, add fw_cdev_event_request2
firewire: cdev: extend fw_cdev_event_iso_interrupt documentation
firewire: core: no need to track irq flags in bm_work
firewire: cdev: fix fw_cdev_event_bus_reset.bm_node_id
firewire: core: fix fw_send_request kerneldoc comment
firewire: core: ensure some userspace API constants match corresponding kernel API constants
firewire: cdev: fix fw_cdev_event_bus_reset emission after local config ROM changes
firewire: core: integrate software-forced bus resets with bus management
firewire: normalize status values in packet callbacks
firewire: cdev: some clarifications to the API documentation
firewire: core: use C99 initializer in array of ioctl handlers
firewire: cdev: add PHY packet transmission
firewire: cdev: add PHY packet reception
firewire: cdev: add PHY pinging
firewire: core: fix upper bound of possible CSR allocations
firewire: cdev: improve FW_CDEV_IOC_ALLOCATE
firewire: new driver: nosy - IEEE 1394 traffic sniffer
firewire: nosy: misc cleanups
firewire: nosy: convert to unlocked ioctl
firewire: nosy: fix list corruption by NOSY_IOC_STOP
firewire: nosy: use flagless variants of spinlock accessors
firewire: nosy: unroll some simple functions
firewire: nosy: fix IRQ handler for card ejection
firewire: nosy: handle errors in device probe
firewire: nosy: fix device shutdown with active client
firewire: nosy: annotate __user pointers and __iomem pointers
firewire: nosy: endianess fixes and annotations
firewire: nosy: use generic printk macros
firewire: nosy: note ioctls in ioctl-number.txt
tools/firewire: add userspace front-end of nosy
tools/firewire: nosy-dump: fix it on x86-64
tools/firewire: nosy-dump: work around segfault in decode_fcp
tools/firewire: nosy-dump: change to kernel coding style
tools/firewire: nosy-dump: make some symbols static or const
tools/firewire: nosy-dump: break up a deeply nested function
tools/firewire: nosy-dump: use linux/firewire-constants.h
tools/firewire: nosy-dump: remove unused code
tools/firewire: nosy-dump: increment program version
firewire: ohci: use memory barriers to order descriptor updates
firewire: ohci: release channel in error path
firewire: core: remove unused code
firewire: core: small clarifications in core-cdev
firewire: add isochronous multichannel reception
firewire: core: add forgotten dummy driver methods, remove unused ones
Merge firewire branches to be released post v2.6.35

Documentation/ioctl/ioctl-number.txt | 1 +
drivers/firewire/Kconfig | 24 +
drivers/firewire/Makefile | 1 +
drivers/firewire/core-card.c | 218 ++++--
drivers/firewire/core-cdev.c | 409 +++++++--
drivers/firewire/core-device.c | 11 +-
drivers/firewire/core-iso.c | 34 +-
drivers/firewire/core-topology.c | 22 +-
drivers/firewire/core-transaction.c | 306 +++++--
drivers/firewire/core.h | 24 +-
drivers/firewire/net.c | 4 +-
drivers/firewire/nosy-user.h | 25 +
drivers/firewire/nosy.c | 721 ++++++++++++++++
drivers/firewire/nosy.h | 237 ++++++
drivers/firewire/ohci.c | 701 ++++++++++++----
drivers/firewire/ohci.h | 1 +
drivers/firewire/sbp2.c | 13 +-
drivers/ieee1394/dv1394.c | 18 +-
drivers/ieee1394/eth1394.c | 3 -
drivers/ieee1394/raw1394.c | 7 +-
drivers/ieee1394/sbp2.c | 11 +-
drivers/ieee1394/video1394.c | 17 +-
drivers/media/dvb/firewire/firedtv-fw.c | 4 +-
include/linux/firewire-cdev.h | 501 +++++++++--
include/linux/firewire.h | 62 +-
tools/firewire/Makefile | 19 +
tools/firewire/decode-fcp.c | 213 +++++
tools/firewire/list.h | 62 ++
tools/firewire/nosy-dump.c | 1031 +++++++++++++++++++++++
tools/firewire/nosy-dump.h | 173 ++++
31 files changed, 4303 insertions(+), 571 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 drivers/firewire/nosy-user.h
create mode 100644 drivers/firewire/nosy.c
create mode 100644 drivers/firewire/nosy.h
create mode 100644 tools/firewire/Makefile
create mode 100644 tools/firewire/decode-fcp.c
create mode 100644 tools/firewire/list.h
create mode 100644 tools/firewire/nosy-dump.c
create mode 100644 tools/firewire/nosy-dump.h

Stefan Richter
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