Re: [PATCH] platform: Facilitate the creation of pseduo-platform busses

From: Kevin Hilman
Date: Thu Aug 05 2010 - 18:29:01 EST

Patrick Pannuto <ppannuto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>>> You had indicated that you were going on vacation for a month and I
>>> had not seen any more follow-up on this issue, so I forged ahead.
>> Great, I'm glad you forged ahead. There is definitely a broader need
>> for something like this, and I have no personal attachment to the code.
>> I have no problems with you continuing the work (in fact, I'd prefer it.
>> I have lots of other things to catch up on after my vacation.)
>> In the future though, it's common (and kind) to note the original author
>> in the changelog when basing a patch on previous work. Something like
>> "originally written by..." or "based on the work of..." etc.
> Ok, I can do that; that was the intention of the "original inspiration from"
> line at the beginning.

Maybe we need an 'Inspired-by:' tag. :)

> Is there a more formal way of indicating this in the
> next version of the patch? Should I add you as a "From:" or an "Author:"?

I don't know if there is an official way of doing this.

I typically add something like "based on the idea/code originally
proposed/written by John Doe" in the changelog, and then add Cc: John
Doe <...> in the changelog too, but AFAIK, none of this is formalized.

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