Hello, newbie wants help.

From: dingshaoheng
Date: Fri Aug 06 2010 - 08:16:53 EST

Hello, all.

I have used linux(ubuntu) for more than one year.
For long time, I wish I can hack in the kernel.
But I still can't fix a bug or write a driver, except compile the kernel.
I really need some suggestion.
Now, I'm reading some book--
Linux kernel development, second edition, by Robert Love.
Linux device driver, third edition, by Jonatban Corbet etc.

But I find these books is so difficult to understand.
The author always gave out new things that he has never explained.
I wish if there is some way to learn the kernel step by step, or less hard.
Could anyone give me some advice?

PS: I have tried to read the source code, but they are even more difficult.
I wish this email has been posted to the right place(not disturb you).
I know you are busy coding. If this email is not appropriately, please do't
be angry, just ignore it.

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