Re: [PATCH] regulator: max1586 - fix a memory leak in max1586_pmic_remove()

From: Robert Jarzmik
Date: Sat Aug 07 2010 - 05:47:00 EST

Axel Lin <axel.lin@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> In max1586_pmic_probe(), we allocate memory for max1586.
> In max1586_pmic_remove(), current implementation only free rdev
> which is a member of struct max1586_data.
> Thus, there is a small memory leak when we unload the module.
> This patch fixes the memory leak by passing max1586 to i2c clientdata,
> and properly kfree(max1586) in max1586_pmic_remove().
> Signed-off-by: Axel Lin <axel.lin@xxxxxxxxx>

Acked-by: Robert Jarzmik <robert.jarzmik@xxxxxxx>


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