2.6.36: commit f12a15 makes computer really slow

From: Thomas Meyer
Date: Sat Aug 07 2010 - 07:31:00 EST

I need to revert commit f12a15 to have a workable computer:

commit f12a15be63d1de9a35971f35f06b73088fa25c3a
Author: John Stultz <johnstul@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue Jul 13 17:56:27 2010 -0700

x86: Convert common clocksources to use clocksource_register_hz/khz

This converts the most common of the x86 clocksources over to use


Tick Device: mode: 1
Broadcast device
Clock Event Device: hpet
max_delta_ns: 149983005959
min_delta_ns: 5000
mult: 61496114
shift: 32
mode: 3
next_event: 271895610827 nsecs
set_next_event: hpet_legacy_next_event
set_mode: hpet_legacy_set_mode
event_handler: tick_handle_oneshot_broadcast
retries: 1
tick_broadcast_mask: 00000001
tick_broadcast_oneshot_mask: 00000000

Tick Device: mode: 1
Per CPU device: 0
Clock Event Device: lapic
max_delta_ns: 672727706
min_delta_ns: 1202
mult: 53556279
shift: 32
mode: 3
next_event: 271766639490 nsecs
set_next_event: lapic_next_event
set_mode: lapic_timer_setup
event_handler: hrtimer_interrupt
retries: 8

This is an x86_32 box.
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