scsi emulation - question

From: Janos Haar
Date: Sat Aug 07 2010 - 19:59:56 EST

Hello list,

Sorry for this off-topic question, but i had no good idea where to ask.

I am looking for a solution wich can emulate SCSI device from a block device like loop.
I need the sg device but not for special commands, but for reading and writing only.
I have found only one solution until now, but i want to find better and faster.
The actually working is ISCSI target and initiator in one pc.
But this opens up port, and makes a lot of IP packets even if i use lo for this, wich is only a waste of time and resources.

Is there any solution for this allready?
Or somebody can help me where to search?
I am thinking to modify the ide-scsi to use blockdev instead of IDE layer....

Janos Haar

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